Forza Super Bench



Made In USA


Steel Frame Construction

3" x 3" and 4" x 2"

Adjustable Uprights

3/8" Thick, 3.5" Wide, and 9" Tall (bar catch area)

Diamond Plate Spotter Platform

15" x 24"

Contoured Pad

3" x 11.5" x 48"

Innovative Gripper Pad


Spring Loaded Pop Pins

1/2" Diameter

Durable Power Coat Finish


Band Attachments

No, Yes

Forza Super Bench

Forza Strength Systems introduced the Super Bench to the powerlifting world in the mid-1990’s and it soon became the most recognizable piece of competition equipment on the market. Today it is requested by meet promoters, athletes, and fitness facility managers throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Forza Strength Systems is trusted by gyms, schools, the US Military, and the top strength athletes in the world.

About The Pad

The revolutionary gripper pad on the Forza Super Bench set the standard for all competition benches. Never slide off the bench press again while going for a new personal record. Set your shoulders on the most comfortable pad, let yourself dig in and get set to break records.

About The Uprights

The Super Bench uprights start at 35.75″ off the ground and raise to 39.75″, set the bench height to your custom fit. Built to withstand years of superhuman weight and a lifetime of training sessions. Feel safe knowing your bar can bend, but your bench won’t break.

About Safety Arms

Safety arms are there for a reason and at Forza we do not underbuild any part of our Super Bench. Our Zinc Finish safety arms are made to keep you safe when you are pushing the limits.

Quick History

Forza, in Italian, means strength. In English, it means the toughest strength equipment available. Forza Strength Systems began as the dream of a young Italian man. Drawn to the sport of powerlifting, he wanted to train on equipment built for serious use. So in 1981, the first Forza bench press was carefully manufactured in a small shop in Spokane, Washington. A decade later, with the release of the ground-breaking Forza Super Bench (F-200 Competition Power Bench), the modern Forza Strength Systems was born. The Forza Super Bench has been featured in Powerlifting USA, PowerMag, Monster Muscle, Muscle and Fitness, and countless other strength publications numerous time. Forza’s Super Bench is requested by many top lifters, meet promoters, club owners, coaches, and strength enthusiasts all over the world.

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